Clark Griswold

How to Prevent a Clark Griswold Christmas Disaster

At first glance, John Hughes iconic '90s Christmas film National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation may appear to be all about bringing family together for the holidays.

But watch it another couple hundred times (or try working in the insurance industry) and you'll see that the film's main message is ensuring you have adequate insurance coverage over the Christmas period, particularly if your relatives are known to cause some trouble.

Don't believe us? While you were busy laughing at Clark Griswold falling off his roof, we were collecting these tips on how to prevent Griswold-like disasters this Christmas.

How to prevent your tree from catching fire

Nothing brings Christmas dinner to a standstill like the whole tree catching fire. There are two ways you can prevent this situation. The first is to avoid decorating your tree with real candles. The second is to tell your uncle Lewis there's no smoking allowed around the tree. Or, just don't invite uncle Lewis at all. Whatever you decide, make sure your house insurance covers you for fire just in case.

How to prevent a squirrel attack

While Australia is known for its spiders, sharks, snakes and crocodiles, there's one animal we can count ourselves lucky for not having, and that is the mischeivious squirrel.

Unlike Clark Griswold, you don't have to worry about coming face to face with a beady eyed squirrel as you fix decorations on your tree, nor should you fear the squirrel interrupting a family game of Monopoly before tearing your house apart and attacking your neighbour.

If for whatever reason, you do find your Christmas interrupted by a squirrel, just call uncle Eddie. Apparently, "he usually eats these things."

How to prevent car collisions with grumpy holiday drivers

The hustle and bustle of the season can bring out the worst in people, especially on the roads which is why comprehensive car insurance is a must around the holidays.

Whether you're on your way to cut down a tree or heading to the shops, whatever you do, don't channel your inner Clark Griswold. Shouting "Eat my road red river lips" while tailgating can only lead to bad things, like getting trapped underneath a giant tree transport truck. 

How to prevent a giant sewerage explosion

If your visitors happen to be staying in a camper-van with a toilet facility, learn from the Griswolds' misfortune and don't let them empty their waste in your storm sewer. More importantly, don't let them light a match "within ten yards" of it. There's a very good chance your insurance policy won't cover you if uncle Lewis tosses a match that triggers an explosion.

How to prevent burning the turkey

It's the most important dinner of the year, but a burnt turkey could also make it the worst. To avoid over-cooking your Christmas turkey (or ham), avoid putting it in too early and don't rely on aunt Catherine to monitor the oven. Also ensure your house insurance covers you for fire damage, just in case you accidentally burn it down.