Goals on paper

How to Stick To Your Goal When Life Gets In The Way

By Ivan Pierce, Youi's Head Of Human Capital

We all know that life gets in the way of reaching our goals. You can accept that and give up, or you can plan for it.

Whether you have a personal or professional goal in mind, follow these 5 steps to ensure you stick to it no matter what life throws at you.

Step 1: Know Your 'WHY'

Before you commit to a goal, identify why it's so important to you: How will it change your life? How will it make you feel? How will it better those around you?

Remembering the purpose of your goal is what will help you see it through regardless of the obstacles that come your way.

By the same token, if you're not serious about a goal or if you haven't taken the time to understand its value, it's a lot easier to give up when the going gets tough.

Step 2: Create a Plan B

Even if you're created the perfect plan to accomplish your goals, unless you've also created a plan B, you may very easily get derailed. 

Although it may not be a pleasant activity, try to anticipate everything that could possibly stand in the way of achieving your goal and plan out how you could overcome each of these roadblocks. The good news is, it's highly unlikely that you'll have to face each and every one of those hurdles, but at least you'll be prepared if you do.

Step 3: Create milestones

Setting a huge goal can feel a little discouraging, especially if you don't achieve it straight away. Rather than tackling a mountain, try breaking a big goal into smaller goals. These are much easier to achieve and each bit of progress you make along the way will encourage you to stay on track.

Step 4: Have a goal buddy

No matter how big or small your goal is or how close you are to reaching it, there will be times when you'll want to give up. That's when having a goal buddy can make all the difference. This person doesn't need to have the same goal as you, they just need to be focused on something. Together, you can stay accountable for your goals and motivate each other when you feel like giving up.

While friends and family members make great goal buddies, also consider finding one online in an interest group or at work.

Step 5: Get back on the horse

The reality is, you'll probably slip up now and again. It happens. In fact, slipping up is something you should definitely have a Plan B in place for – and your Plan B should be as simple as getting back up again.

Before you start reaching for your goal, promise yourself that you will get back on the horse as quickly as possible. Without that commitment, you literally don't stand a chance.