Road safety sign

How to Throw an Awesome Road Safety Week Party

Ever wish our roads were a safer place? We do.

The 22nd to 28th of August is Road Safety Week in Queensland and if you're as passionate about safe driving as we are, you might just want to throw a party.

Let's face it, Road Safety isn't the most exciting topic so it can be hard to get people together to learn about it. That's where these 5 tips come in handy. Whether you're putting it on for your family, friends, school or workplace, here's how to throw an awesome Road Safety Week Party.

1. Get Lots of Food

Food and drink placed on an outside table

Is there ever a better incentive than free food? We don't think so. Free food is not only alluring but it also makes for a great marketing tactic. Post lots of pictures of delicious food around your home or office to get people to RSVP for your party.

We tried: We lured our team in with the scent of delicious sausage rolls, croissants, scones and danishes from the bakery. We also had an array of fresh fruit, juice and other baked goods. We marketed this as a "free breakfast" however before anyone could actually grab a plate, they had to write down a road safety promise on a sticker. 

2. Have Coffee With a Cop

Waiting for a coffee from the coffee stand

Free coffee and tea is also a great idea, but remember, the point of this party is to educate people about Road Safety. What better way to do so than by inviting a local police officer to crash the party? Their presence will remind people of just how serious a topic road safety is, but it doesn't have to be intimidating. Ask the officer to stand at the coffee station and quiz people on road rules, or ask them to reveal their best and worst driving habits. 

We tried: We had two amazing constables join our party. They patrolled the coffee station, initiated conversation with our guests about road safety and refreshed our memories on road rules. In fact, they were the life of the party!

3. Drive!

Remote control car on footpath

People like to move at parties and since dancing doesn't really suit the theme of Road Safety, why not let them drive instead? Grab a couple of remote control cars and have your guests navigate an artificial road while adhering to all the usual road rules. To make it extra exciting, ask your police officer to patrol the road for you.

We tried: We drew a road on the bike path, complete with a roundabout, turning lanes, stop signs and speed signs. The constables patrolled this road and awarded a remote control car to the two participants whom they deemed the safest drivers.

4. Take a Selfie

Selfie for QLD road safety week

When it comes to raising awareness on social media, nothing does it better than a good selfie. Grab a couple props and get your party crew together to take some photos. Upload them to social media using the hashtag #SpeakUpSelfie. The more selfies, the more awareness!

We tried: We had someone dedicated to grabbing people as they entered the party and taking their selfie right there on the spot. We also offered a $50 gift card for the best selfie.

5. Give a demonstration

Between all the selfies and remote control cars, your guests might want to stand still and watch some of the action. Plan a couple demonstrations to keep your guests engaged. Ideas may include showing people how to share the road with a cyclist; how to properly fasten your motorbike helmet or how to restrain your pet while driving.

We tried: All of the above. Our most successful demonstration was when our friends from the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge brought a rescue dog named Pookie in to show us how to properly restrain him inside a car.