Close up of blue and red lights on the top of a police car

Queensland’s New Penalties for High-Risk Driving Offences

As of the 1st July 2022, the Queensland Government is set to introduce tougher penalties for high-risk driving offences including speeding, running a red light and not wearing a correctly fitted seatbelt or child restraint. If you’re caught breaking these road rules, you could be up for a hefty new infringement notice. For more information on these changes, you can refer to the Queensland Government’s fact sheet.

Why are these new penalties being introduced?

Fines and demerit penalties for speeding, running a red light and not wearing a seatbelt have been revised to more closely align with other similar driving offences. It’s worth noting though that the road rules themselves haven’t changed, just the fines and demerit penalties.

These new Queensland fines are intended to deter dangerous driving behaviours in a bid to further reduce serious injuries and loss of life on Queensland roads. You can expect traffic monitoring cameras and police anywhere at anytime to enforce the road rules.

What are the new penalties?

The new penalties apply to speeding, failure to wear a correctly fitted seatbelt or child restraint and disobeying traffic lights. Here’s a quick run down of the new driving fines.

New penalties for speeding offences

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the new speeding fines:

  • 1-10km/hr: $287 and 1 demerit point
  • 11-20km/hr: $431 and 3 demerit points
  • 21-30km/hr: $646 and 4 demerit points
  • 31-40km/hr: $1078 and 6 demerit points
  • Over 40km/hr: $1653, 8 demerit points and automatic 6-month licence suspension

If you’re caught a second time or commit a subsequent offence within 1 year of the previous offence, double demerit points apply (for speeding offences 21km/hr and above).

You might have also noticed that some of the speeding penalty brackets are changing slightly to better reflect the risk and align with other Australian jurisdictions. 1-12km/h will change to 1-10km/h and 13/20kkm/h will now be 11-20km/h.

New penalties for seatbelt offences

If you’re caught out without a correctly fitted seatbelt on or one of your passengers isn’t wearing a seatbelt or child restraint, you could be up for a fine of $1078 and 4 demerit points. This has increased by $665 and 1 demerit point.

Once again, if you're caught out for two or more offences within one year of the previous offence then double demerit points apply.

New penalties for running a red light

If you disobey traffic signals, which includes not stopping at a yellow or red traffic light and yellow or red tram and bus light, it’ll set you back $575 and 3 demerit points. This has increased by $162.

These penalties have been introduced to make our roads safer, so do the right thing and make sure you’re sticking to the road rules. And while the police are there to protect you on the road, Youi’s here to cover your car. Explore our range of car insurance options and save.