Youi Wins HR Award for Best Health & Wellbeing Program

At Youi we've always done things differently, and our YourLife Program is the perfect example of that, having just won the HR Award for Best Health & Wellbeing Program for the second time in three years (2015, 2017).

The program was founded in February 2014 and was built around one of our company values, "Human." It was our answer to trying to provide our team with as many opportunities as possible to be happy and healthy, at work and at home.

Our YourLife program leader, Ryan McGrory, says, "we chose the name YourLife because the aim of the program is simply to impact your life. We want you to be happy and healthy, no matter what you're doing."

The program works by awarding internal staff for participating in a variety of events, activities, challenges and actions developed around promoting their own health, wealth and happiness. Some of the activities include on-site flu vaccinations, tax returns, skin cancer checks, heart health checks and health appraisals (cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, etc.) Staff members log their participation via an internal portal which can also be used to access over 50+ employee benefits, or to keep up to date with internal news and blogs.

Our team holding the 2017 HR Award for Best Health & Wellbeing Program

A key point of difference for our program is the fitness element which is led entirely in-house by a full-time fitness professional who develops custom timetables of weekly fitness activities based on employee feedback.

All-in-all, we've found that those who participate more in our YourLife program are sick less and report higher levels of satisfaction. It has also led to better retention rates, as Ryan explains,

"We're dedicated to retaining the great talent we've attracted and the YourLife program has proven to increase our retention. It's also created great brand awareness for us and a lot of potential candidates, when asked why they want to work at youi, say they've heard about our health & wellbeing program." 

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