YouiDollars give way to more rewards

Some rewards programs make you earn millions of points before you can get anything decent in return. Some make you spend more to access the best rewards. Others make you use them in order to keep them.

With YouiRewards, those rules don’t apply to you.

Goodbye YouiDollars, hello endless offers

We’ve made YouiRewards even better by removing the points system, YouiDollars, so you get access to all the offers, all of the time. Once you’re a customer with us, you’re in, no more hoops to jump through.

Access a world of savings with YouiRewards

YouiRewards gives you offers and discounts from over 1,000 partners nationwide. Everything from fuel to food to fun, and a whole lot more. Already, YouiRewards customers have saved over $4 million with our partners and we’re determined to take the savings further, faster.

How to tap into YouiRewards

To instantly access all the benefits of YouiRewards, download the app, sign up, link your Youi insurance policy and you’re good to go. From there you can start exploring and making the most of the awesome offers available.

Because there’s no points system or waiting times, you can access any offer from our partners and redeem it straight away through a voucher on your phone.

Download on the App Store or get it on Google Play now.

By phasing out YouiDollars, we’re making it even easier and simpler for you to access the world of savings that awaits, with YouiRewards.

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