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8 Things to Check Before Going on Holiday

Before leaving for a holiday, double-check the following to ensure everything runs smoothly and you arrive back to an inviting home:

  • Pets – provide your chosen pet sitter or boarding facility with clear information about your pet's needs.
  • Fridge – give the fridge a clean and get rid of any food that will go off before you get back.
  • Laundry – don't leave washing in the basket or machine; launder all the clothes before you go.
  • Plants – consider your plants. Use self-watering systems if possible, or engage the services of a friend to keep them healthy.
  • Security – have a friend check on the house periodically. Use light timers to suggest an occupied home.
  • Bug spray – insecticide can prevent an infestation whilst you are away.
  • Electricity – check around the house for temperature controls and appliances that can be switched off in your absence.
  • Post and papers – put these on hold to avoid a build-up which may suggest an empty house.

These are just a few things you can do that will take no time at all to ensure that your holiday buzz does not get ruined when you return home. 

Accidents are inevitable and although a lot of people have home insurance and even contents insurance that cover most incidences, taking that extra minute to consider your actions like keeping curtains open to allow friends, neighbours or even the police to easily see if something is wrong or not announcing your travel plans to the world on social media sites before leaving can help ensure you not only keep your home pleasant to come back to, but also safe while you’re away.