Should You Buy Car Insurance Online?

Doing anything online these days seems like the obvious choice, with how convenient the internet is.

Whether you're buying groceries, booking a vacation or catching up with a friend, your computer can help you achieve almost any goal in just a few clicks.

But when it comes to protecting one of your biggest investments in life - your car - is buying car insurance online still the best bet, or is it worth a more human interaction?

Here we weigh up the pros and cons of buying car insurance online.

Pro - It's fast.

Who has time to sit and wait for an operator to take our call? While insurers can make you wait on the line for what seems like ages before you even get to speak with a human, buying car insurance online begins almost instantly and tends to be a faster process than a phonecall. 

Con - It's not as accurate.

Although it may be faster, buying car insurance online isn't always the most accurate choice. This is because the online quote process is somewhat confined to pre-conceived questions and answers, whereas a real life advisor can ask you for more detail over the phone. This can result in the insurer making fewer assumptions, which could lead to a cheaper car insurance quote.

Pro - You can do it in your own time.

If finding time to make a phonecall between your busy schedule is difficult for you, then buying car insurance online in the privacy of your own home or on a lunch break may be the better option. As a bonus, you don't have to worry about calling the insurer during their business hours.

Con - You don't get a feel for the insurance company.

As nice as it may be to buy car insurance online, you really can't get a proper feel for the insurance company until you speak with one of their advisors. You can read as much info about the company as you like on their website, but when you have an issue with your policy or need to make a claim, it's a human being you'll need to speak with. Obtaining a car insurance quote over the phone gives you an immediate idea of what kind of service you can expect throughout your relationship with the insurer.

Pro - It's easier to shop around

If you think making dozens of phonecalls to various insurers and jotting down their quotes is tedious, then you may prefer going online. The online quote process is often quicker than a phone call, which means you can compare them even faster when buying car insurance online.

Con - It's just not personal.

At the end of the day, it's hard to really get to know someone without actually speaking with them. Buying car insurance online may be convenient, but it's nowhere near as personal as speaking on the phone with another human being, and it likely won't leave you with the warm and fuzzy feeling you could get from a kind voice on the other end.

You are the only person who can truly decide whether you should buy car insurance online, but it doesn't hurt to give it a try and make a phonecall afterwards to confirm you're making the right choice.

So, which will you choose? Start a quote with us online or call one of our friendly advisors on 13 YOUI.

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