Classic car facing the camera, parked on the side of the road under a tree

Tips For Selling Your Car Online

Between social media and the plethora of classified advertising sites, selling your car online these days is easier and more affordable than ever.

But before you seal the deal, familiarise yourself with these best practices to ensure your transaction runs as smooth and safe as possible.

Save time by writing a detailed description

Nothing will waste your time more than having to answer questions that could've been addressed in your advertising description.

It may take you a few extra minutes, but writing a detailed description will save you hours in the long run and will help attract more serious buyers - the kind who want to know as much as possible so they can make an informed decision.

In addition to the usual make/model/year , price and condition, some things to include in your description are:

  • Any major or minor issues (physical or other)
  • Any accidents not reported in the car's history report
  • Any recent repairs or improvements that have been made
  • Whether or not it has any oil leaks
  • The condition of tyres

Take a video

Photos are a great way of showcasing what your car looks like, but that's only half the battle. Most potential buyers will want to know how it sounds and drives, which is something you can reveal by taking a short video. Not only is this a great way of avoiding unneccesary questions such as, "does it start ok?" but it will also build your credibility as a seller and help your ad stand out from the crowd. 

Stay safe on the test drive

Before scheduling a test drive, check that your insurance policy covers you in the event of an accident caused by a potential buyer. Once you get the all clear, arrange to meet in a public location and bring someone along with you. Before handing over the keys, record the details of their drivers license and retain a personal item to ensure they come back.

Protect against fraud

Unfortunately, there are plenty of scams that target online car sales but with the right precautious, such as those listed below, you won't fall prey:

  • Never open a link sent to you from a potential buyer via email, text or other
  • Avoid anyone who refuses to speak or meet with you in person
  • If you do not wish to accompany the buyer on their test drive, retain one of their personal items
  • Before completing the sale, ask to see a second form of government issued ID
  • Only accept a bank transfer to avoid receiving counterfeit cash

Ready to book that test-drive? Compare our car policies to see if you're covered for potential buyers driving your car.