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XMAS motoring alert: Motorists left stranded by engine trouble

As the Christmas holiday period nears Australian motorists are being urged to ensure their cars are in good mechanical order as new research from Youi Roadside Assistance showed engine problems and flat tyres were the most common reasons Aussie motorists found themselves stranded and in need of rescue.

Youi CEO Frank Costigan said, “we understand not being able to get your car started or breaking down is an extremely annoying and frustrating experience especially over the Christmas period which could throw family travel and holiday plans into chaos.”

“We’ve seen most call outs for assistance from across Australia are due to motorists experiencing problems with their engines (74.95 percent) followed by flat tyres (11.22 per cent) and locking keys in cars (6.79 per cent).

“Call outs also involved problems with car transmissions (2.63 percent), motorists running out of fuel (0.94 percent), electrical faults (1.34 percent), cars becoming bogged (0.52 percent) and brake issues (0.20 percent),” said Mr Costigan.

However, engine problems were the major cause of motorists seeking assistance and the variety of engine issues encountered included:

  • Failed to start, including flat battery (55.49 percent)
  • Overheated (9.30 percent)
  • Lost power or running rough (6.15 percent)
  • Cut out while driving (3.46 percent)
  • Immobiliser fault (0.46 percent).

“Youi Roadside Assistance essentially provides a safety net for Youi insured Australian motorists whether they’re on the road or at home,” said Mr Costigan.

“The service provides help with vehicle breakdowns including jump starts, testing batteries and organising a replacement if necessary, changing a flat tyre, delivery of free fuel if the tank runs dry and organising a tow to the nearest repairer or safe place if we are unable to get you mobile on the roadside.”   

“Taking the time now to have your engine checked it’s in good mechanical order and tyres are roadworthy could potentially save you lots of time and frustration and keep you and your family safe on the road over the Christmas holidays,” said Mr Costigan.  

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Youi Roadside Assistance data 01/01/2016 to 31/10/2017. Youi Roadside Assistance is subject to cover limits.

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