Car Wheel Alignment
On The Road

Extending the Life of Your Car Tyres

Tyres are an expensive item on a motor vehicle, especially as that expense is multiplied by four, but by simply observing a few basic rules, you ca...
Damaged House
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Recovering After a Major Storm Event

Surviving a major storm is a cause for celebration, but once the worst has passed, there are other obstacles to be overcome on the path to recovery.
Car Wheel Hub
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Accidents Caused by Lack of Car Maintenance

While driver error is the number one cause of car accidents, poorly maintained vehicles also make a large contribution to the national road toll...
People standing in a car showroom
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What Does Your New Car Warranty Cover?

A new car comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers only design faults or defects that may occur during the period of cover. Any other types...
Car Wheel
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Why You Should Avoid Retreads

Retreads were available for many years as a cheap alternative to new tyres. They slowly fell out of favour as questions began to be raised about...
Thief breaking into a house with a crowbar
At Home

Ways to Prevent Home Robbery

While items like computers, electronics and jewellery can be covered by  home and contents insurance , the replacement of your invaluable sentiment...
Modified Cars
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How Car Modifications Affect Your Car Insurance Quote

When you look at the cost of modifying your vehicle you must keep in mind the overall effect this will have on your vehicle valuation. There are...
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Driving Safely in Bushfire Affected Regions

This summer, thousands of Australians will head for the beaches and the outback to make the most of the holiday break. Unfortunately, summer holida...
Image looking up and over the balcony of a house
At Home

Essential Steps to Review Home Security

When was the last time you tested your alarm system? Is there still a faulty latch on the bathroom window? Are the motion sensor lights in the...
Home Fire
At Home

How to Protect Your Home from Fire

Even with  home insurance  coverage, house fires are a tragic and terrifying occurrence for any family. In Australia, there is no legislation...
School Zone
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Speed Cameras an Effective Deterrent

When a driver is speeding, it takes more time for their vehicle to stop. Speeding drivers have a compromised ability to react to all that is...
Speed Warning
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Tips for Reducing the Likelihood of Speeding

For many drivers, it is easy to exceed the speed limit without realising that you are doing so. Because modern cars offer great power and comfort,...
At Home

Approaches to Home Security

There is an incredible number of ways to invest in home security, ranging from affordable options to very expensive measures. For some people, no...
Blocked Gutters
At Home

Preventing Property Damage From Blocked Gutters

Your gutters are your home’s exterior plumbing, diverting excess water away from your house and yard. If gutters become blocked for any reason, the...
Car Dealership
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Essential Safety Features in Modern Vehicles

Modern vehicles have a range of standard safety features that most of us take for granted. These systems and devices work behind the scenes to redu...
A mailbox with lots of letters
At Home

8 Things to Check Before Going on Holiday

Before leaving for a holiday, double-check the following to ensure everything runs smoothly and you arrive back to an inviting home:
Car rear camera display
On The Road

Benefits of Rear Cameras on Your Vehicle

Vehicle reversing cameras not only save money by reducing minor accidents, they also save lives by giving drivers increased visibility behind their...
Fire Extinguisher
At Home

Adding Fire Extinguishers to Your Home

A fire’s a fire, right? You can handle it and if you can't that's why you have  home and contents insurance , right?  Not necessarily. There are...
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