Image taken from below the balcony of a large house
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Privacy Issues with Home Surveillance Systems

It is estimated that home surveillance is a $4.4 billion industry in Australia The affordability of CCTV equipment has led to a huge increase in th...
Steering Wheel
On The Road

Keeping Seat Belts Safe

While most people know that seat belts are important, understanding of their purpose is less widespread.
Car Key
On The Road

Adding New Security Features to Your Vehicle

Thanks to modern technology, there is now a range of new security devices that can be added to your car to make it more secure and less likely to b...
Things to Know about ABS On The Road

Things to Know about ABS

A type of electronic braking tool, Antilock Braking Systems (ABS), was developed to assist a driver to control a vehicle under heavy braking. In su...
Many plugs in one socket
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Top 5 Home Electrical Hazards

Electricity works silently behind the scenes in our homes, providing light, heat, food and entertainment. The price of having electricity in such a...
Barred Window
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Securing Your Home After a Break In

Being burgled is an unpleasant reality that many of us have experienced or will experience in our lifetimes. While it can be very traumatic and lea...
Burglar trying to open door with a crowbar
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The Most Common Types of Burglary in Australia

Burglary is an unfortunate fact of life in all societies. Having  home and contents insurance  is a great piece of mind however, knowledge of the...
House roof with tarp covered holes
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Temporary Repairs for a Damaged Roof

If your roof is damaged in a storm, you may not be able to have a professional roofer come and fix it straight away. So, knowing how to make...
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