Youi Teams Rally to Support Cyclone Debbie Victims In The News

Youi Teams Rally to Support Cyclone Debbie Victims

House Interior
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Myths About Landlord Insurance

If you rent a property, you know all too well the stress of trying to protect your building when you're not actually in it. While landlord insuranc...
Home With Garden
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Top 5 Home Insurance Myths

From comparing quotes to trying to get the best premium, buying home insurance can be a tricky process - made even trickier by the abundance of hom...
Car With Stars Backdrop
On The Road

Things to Consider Before Buying Caravan Insurance

There's no doubt that Australians love their caravans, so much so that according to a recent study by caravan insurance experts Caravan Guard, "ove...
On The Road

Top 5 Questions About Motorcycle Insurance

Whether you ride every day or just for leisure, you'll want peace of mind when it comes to protecting your motorbike.
In The Water

A First-Time Boat Owner's Guide to Boat Insurance

Congratulations on buying your first boat ! If you thought that was half the fun, then here's the rest of it - learning about boat insurance.
Caravan in the outback
On The Road

How Much Caravan Insurance Do I Need?

With over 550,000 caravans (Caravan Industry Association of Australia) registered in Australia, the only thing getting in the way of a good old...
Car Accident
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Most Common Car Accidents & Most Dangerous Times On The Road

Although our roads can sometimes be unpredictable, certain dates and times are safer than others.
On The Road

What To Do Before Picking Up Your Rental Car

Renting a car is meant to be convenient: Skip the public transport, do things on your own time and don't compromise on the radio station.
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A First Home Owner's Guide to Home Insurance

Buying your first home is one of the most exciting and overwhelming events you'll ever experience, and it starts well before you sign the dotted...
Sun setting over the ocean
In The Water

Do you really need boat insurance?

You're out on the water in your beloved boat without a care in the world, until suddenly you realise you don't have boat insurance.
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On The Road

Top Tips For Comparing Car Insurance Quotes

There's a tonne of choice out there when it comes to taking out cover for your car, which can make the process of shopping for car insurance quotes...
Fuel bowsers
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Is Premium Petrol Better Than Regular?

You may have heard claims that using premium petrol will do amazing things to your car, like increase its power, improve mileage, protect the engin...
Clark Griswold
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How to Prevent a Clark Griswold Christmas Disaster

At first glance, John Hughes iconic '90s Christmas film  National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation  may appear to be all about bringing family together...
Kevin from Home Alone
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5 Lessons We Can Learn From Home Alone's Kevin McCallister

The iconic 90's Christmas film  Home Alone  is about a lot of things: family; independence; resourcefulness; organisation; the importance of not...
A Christmas tree
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How to Prevent Property Theft Over The Holidays

No matter how nice you've been all year, there are some naughty people out there who wouldn't think twice about sneaking down your chimney to steal...
Keys on the dashboard of a car
On The Road

What To Do If I Buy A Car With Outstanding Finance Owing?

Picture this. You buy a used car and pay cash to the seller.
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