Cheapest hybrid cars
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Are These the Cheapest Hybrid Cars in Australia?

Recent years have seen a big increase in the number of electric cars on our roads, but did you know that hybrid cars have been part of the Australian driving landscape for more than 20 years?
Chelsea Spresser, January 03, 2024
How much is car insurance
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How Much Is Car Insurance? An Investigation

It’s the question we’d all like answered: How much is car insurance in Australia?
December 29, 2023
Modified Cars
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Modified Car Insurance: What Is It and When Might I Need It?

Attention car lovers: If you’re thinking of making a statement with some eye-catching custom car modifications, there are a couple of things you might want to consider first.
Chelsea Spresser, December 28, 2023
Youi Wrapped
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Youi Wrapped: Top 10 Insurance Trends for 2023

With 2024 fast approaching, now seems a good time to check the rear-view mirror and reflect on 2023.
Emma Schafer, December 22, 2023
Towing a caravan
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Motorists Towing a Caravan Warned to Weigh in Before Holiday Travel

Hitting the road and towing a caravan this holiday season?
Emma Schafer, December 18, 2023
Digital driver’s licence
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Digital Driver’s Licences: What Are the Rules This Holiday Season?

If you’re one of the many adventure-loving Australians planning a road trip these holidays – and you’re also among those who’ve shifted to the convenience of a digital driver’s licence – you may be wondering if your digital version will be accepted interstate.
Amanda Dardanis, December 15, 2023
What to do in a car accident
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What to Do in a Car Accident

Car accidents can happen to anyone – no matter how good a driver you are.
Katrina Sichlau, December 14, 2023
Car insurance premium
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Tips to Help Reduce Your Car Insurance Premium

If your car has ever been lost or damaged through an accident, theft or extreme weather event, you might know the stress that can cause.
December 13, 2023
Christmas light safety tips
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’Tis the Season: Christmas Light Safety Tips For Your Home

It’s that time of year again – the Christmas lists are written, lunches are being planned and homes are starting to look suitably festive.
Helen Dewar, December 12, 2023
CTP insurance
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What Is CTP Insurance and Do You Actually Need It?

If you’ve ever registered a car in Australia, you’ve probably heard of Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance.
Chelsea Spresser, December 11, 2023
Types of car insurance
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Types of Car Insurance: Help in Choosing the Right Policy for You

Buying a car can be super exciting. Understanding the different types of car insurance may not be quite as fun, but it’s an important topic to get your head around.
Chelsea Spresser, December 06, 2023
How to change a tyre
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How to Change a Tyre: An Expert’s Advice

Getting a flat tyre is never convenient and can, in some circumstances, be unsafe.
Lee Mylne, December 05, 2023
Mobile phone fines
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Mobile Phone Fines Across the World

Across the globe, mobile phone fines are as ubiquitous as the devices themselves, with governments seeking to minimise the dangers posed by scrolling, texting, searching and chatting while driving.
Amanda Dardanis, December 04, 2023
Double demerits
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What Are Some Rules Around Double Demerits?

Understanding how double demerits work is important if you want to avoid getting stung – especially if you’re planning to hit the road during a holiday period and already have demerit points accrued.
Chelsea Spresser, December 01, 2023
EV charging station
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Can You Avoid the EV Charging Station Queues This Summer?

Aussie EV drivers found a new source of frustration last summer when queues for EV charging stations hit headlines across the country.
Chelsea Spresser, November 29, 2023
Bushfire safety caravan
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A Guide to Australian Bushfire Safety for Caravanners

It’s possible Australia is in for a bad bushfire season in 2023.
Helen Dewar, November 28, 2023
road rules
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The Wild Road Rules You Might Not Know Existed

If you ever leave the window of your car cracked open on a hot summer’s day while you pop to the shops or go to pay for fuel, you might well be breaking one of our lesser-known road rules – and, depending where you are, you could be fined thousands.
Chelsea Spresser, November 24, 2023
How to choose car insurance
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How to Choose Car Insurance: 10 Questions to Consider

Are you about to pick up a shiny new car? Or perhaps you’re wondering if your current insurance is right for you? Here are a few things to consider.
Lee Mylne, November 21, 2023
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