Driving offences
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Driving Offences You Probably Didn't Know About

To help prevent your road habits from denting your bank balance (and potentially impacting your car insurance premiums), we’ve rounded up the most surprising driving offences across Australia.
Amanda Dardanis, November 20, 2023
Building insurance cover
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Storm, Fire, Flood: What Does Building Insurance Cover?

Living in Australia means living with the reality that natural disasters and extreme weather events including storms, fires and floods can – and are increasingly likely to – happen.
Amanda Dardanis, November 20, 2023
Used Toyota Supra Landcruiser 86
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Used Toyota Supras and LandCruisers: Why Fans Will Pay a Fortune

Australians love Toyotas, regularly putting the brand at the top of annual vehicle bestseller lists.
Chelsea Spresser, November 15, 2023
Best boat insurance
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What Might Be the Best Boat Insurance in Australia for You?

Getting out onto the water should be relaxing and fun, and with the right insurance cover for you it can be – so how do you find the best boat insurance in Australia to suit you?
Lee Mylne, November 14, 2023
NSW Green Slip
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The NSW Green Slip: What You Need to Know

A Green Slip is a requirement for registering your car in New South Wales and has crucial benefits for drivers and the public.
Chelsea Spresser, November 13, 2023
Cheapest electric cars
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Australia’s Top 10 Cheapest Electric Cars Revealed

The arrival of bold challenger brands in Australia’s electric vehicle (EV) market is starting to ease one of the key pain points for aspiring EV owners: price.
Chelsea Spresser, November 08, 2023
Interest rate rise Australia 2023
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8 Ways to Help Save Money After the Latest Interest Rate Rise in Australia

After a ​five month reprieve, the November 2023 interest rate rise may put additional strain on the budgets of many Australians, less than seven weeks out from Christmas.
Chelsea Spresser, November 07, 2023
Pink slip, green slip, blue slip
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Your Ultimate Guide to Pink Slips, Green Slips and Blue Slips

If you’ve ever registered a vehicle in New South Wales, you’ve no doubt heard the terms “Pink Slip”, “Blue Slip” and “Green Slip”.
Chelsea Spresser, November 03, 2023
L plate rules NSW
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L-Plate Rules in NSW: What You Need to Know

Learning to drive is a major milestone in any young person’s life.
Chelsea Spresser, November 01, 2023
The Block 2023
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Inspired by The Block?: Tips for Nailing Your Own Renovation

If you’re feeling inspired by those amazing renovations on this year’s series of The Block and ready to channel your inner ’Blockhead’, you’ve come to the right place.
Chelsea Spresser, October 31, 2023
Craig Starcevich
Youi Stories.

Craig Starcevich: Winning Player, Winning Coach

Craig Starcevich is one of few professional Australian Rules football players who’s experienced winning an AFL premiership both as a player and a coach.
October 31, 2023
Best electric cars
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Are These the Best Electric Cars in Australia?

You’d have to have been living under a rock not to notice the proliferation of electric vehicles (EVs) hitting the Australian market – and our roads.
Chelsea Spresser, October 27, 2023
TikTok car theft challenge
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TikTok ‘Car Theft’ Challenge: How to Help Protect Your Vehicle

TikTok trends and social media notoriety could be the driving force in an increase in car theft across Australia, according to leading crime experts.
Chelsea Spresser, October 25, 2023
Double demerits
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Get the Lowdown on Double Demerits in Your State

Aussies love a long weekend or holiday season road trip complete with delicious snacks, a classic driving playlist and no chance of hearing from the boss!
Chelsea Spresser, October 20, 2023
Speeding fines in Australia
Articles and Guides.

Speeding Fines in Australia: A State-by-State Guide

Navigate speeding fines in Australia with our comprehensive state-by-state guide. We’ll help you understand offences, penalties and demerit points.
Chelsea Spresser, October 19, 2023
Car sale scams
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Car Sales Scams You Need to Know About

There are many ways to buy a car these days, and it seems like just as many ways to get ripped off.
Lee Mylne, October 19, 2023
Sophie Conway
Youi Stories.

Sophie Conway: AFLW success dedicated to her mother

Sophie Conway was shining in both field hockey and Australian Rules football as she reached her late teens, and was selected for the Under 18 All Australian teams in both hockey and AFL in 2017.
October 13, 2023
Courtney Hodder
Youi Stories.

Courtney Hodder: Finding her place in her sport and her culture

Courtney Hodder is a proud Badimia Yamatji, Whadjuk and Nyoongar woman.
October 13, 2023
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