Scott with the Lions
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Getting Onto the Guernsey

The Youi logo is close to the Lions players’ hearts, quite literally. Our logo takes pride of place on the front of the team guernsey, making it prime real estate. And we couldn’t think of a more worthy fan to hand it over to than Scott.
July 22, 2024
Superfan Scott
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Who is Superfan Scott?

For his entire life, Scott Villiers has been a Lions supporter. Growing up in Melbourne, he firstly barracked for Fitzroy, then later when the merger with the Brisbane Bears occurred, continued his support for the rebranded Lions franchise.
July 22, 2024
Portrait of Matt Cecchin
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Matt Cecchin: Coming out in the masculine world of rugby league

There were some tough moments in NRL referee Matt Cecchin’s career, but perhaps none tougher than coming out as gay.
July 11, 2024
Generation report 2024- Presented by Youi
Articles and Guides.

Generational Car Care Trends in Australia: Insights from 2024 Report

Discover key differences in car maintenance and spending behaviour among Australian generations in our 2024 report. Learn about each age group's approach to vehicle care, spending habits, and insurance preferences, from Boomers to Gen Z.
July 01, 2024
Car accident without insurance
Articles and Guides.

Not-at-fault Car Accident Without Insurance: What Happens Next?

What can you expect if you’re involved in a not-at-fault car accident without insurance in Australia? Here’s how car insurance and liability typically works.
Amanda Dardanis, June 07, 2024
Home security systems
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Are Home Security Systems Worth Installing on My Property?

Thinking of installing security cameras on your property? From privacy laws to camera features, here’s what you might like to know about home security systems.
Katrina Sichlau, June 03, 2024
Sell your car
Articles and Guides.

About to Sell Your Car? Here are Some Factors to Consider

The pros and cons of how to sell your car can depend on individual circumstances, but there are a few things that might be helpful to consider along the way.
Lee Mylne, May 24, 2024
Car problems
Articles and Guides.

4 Car Problems You Might be Able to Fix Yourself

From how to change a flat tyre to replacing a headlight bulb, here are some car problems you might be able to fix yourself with the right tools and know-how.
Lee Mylne, May 17, 2024
Caravan insurance
Articles and Guides.

How Much Caravan Insurance Do I Need?

Learn the ins and outs of caravan insurance in Australia, from coverage options to how your premium is determined for protection on and off the open road.
Chelsea Spresser, May 10, 2024
Speeding fines QLD
Articles and Guides.

Speeding Fines Qld: A Guide to Laws and Penalties

A guide to some of the speeding fines in Qld, including speed limits, demerit points, how to pay a fine, and what tougher penalties may mean for drivers.
May 01, 2024
Is your home underinsured
Articles and Guides.

Is Your Home Underinsured?

The right home insurance can provide valuable protection for home owners and their belongings in the event of unforeseen disasters.
Chelsea Spresser, April 24, 2024
Unofficial Road Rules
Articles and Guides.

Unveiling Australia’s Unofficial Road Rules

We surveyed 2,000 Australians to determine the five most important rules of etiquette on our roads.
April 22, 2024
Boat insurance guide
Articles and Guides.

Boat Insurance in Australia: A First-Time Boat Owner’s Guide

Before getting out in your new vessel, you might like to wrap your head around boat insurance, including how it can help cover you and others out on the water.
Lee Mylne, April 18, 2024
Double demerits WA
Articles and Guides.

Double Demerits WA Dates to Mark in Your Calendar

Learn about double demerits WA dates and offences, including how they may impact your licence and insurance, and what can happen if you’re caught interstate.
Chelsea Spresser, April 05, 2024
Car essentials
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Car Essentials: Some Items Worth Keeping in Your Car

Keen to stay prepared for various circumstances on the road? Here are some car essentials that might come in handy if you find yourself in strife while driving.
Emma Schafer, April 02, 2024
Youi X Generation Innovation
News and Media.

Continuing Our Commitment to Young Entrepreneurs

We’re thrilled to announce Youi’s multi-year commitment as the Platinum Sponsor for Generation Innovation (GI) through to the end of 2026.
March 26, 2024
Double demerits NSW
Articles and Guides.

Double Demerits NSW Dates to Mark in Your Calendar

In this article, we list some of the double demerits NSW dates, as well as information about offences that can attract double demerits and how demerit points may affect your car insurance.
Chelsea Spresser, March 22, 2024
Fuel efficient cars
Articles and Guides.

Are These Some of the Most Fuel-Efficient Cars in Australia?

Whether you’re talking petrol, diesel or even hybrid, fuel-efficient cars not only have the potential to help you save on running costs, but they can also be more environmentally friendly than their more fuel-hungry counterparts.
Chelsea Spresser, March 15, 2024
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