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If you or someone at your house is under quarantine or feeling unwell due to an infectious disease, such as Coronavirus, or are expecting to be due to travel, please contact us on 13 YOUI (13 9684) to reschedule your service provider appointment for assessment or repairs until you complete your quarantine period.

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Making a claim with us is a simple process. Simply call 13 YOUI (9684) to speak to a member of our claims team or you can also choose to start your claim online at www.youi.com.au.

  • Your policy number
  • A description of what happened, when and where
  • The type and extent of the damage caused
  • Details of anyone else who was involved such as name, address, licence and/or registration number
  • Police Incident number (if the police were called)

If you don’t have your policy number to hand that’s ok, the following information will help us locate your policy details:

  • The policyholders name, address or date of birth or;
  • For vehicle claims - the registration number of the insured vehicle or;
  • For home claims, the address of the insured property.

You have 30 days from the date of the incident to lodge a claim; however it’s a good idea to contact us as soon as you’re able to. You can contact us 24/7 on 13 YOUI (9684) or start your claim online at www.youi.com.au. Excludes CTP claims.

We calculate your premium based on many factors, including your claims history.  As we give you the best price up front, we don’t use the typical ‘No Claims Discount’ or ‘Rating’ system.

When you lodge a claim you are required to pay an excess.   These excesses may apply to your claim and are on your policy schedule:

Basic Excess 
This is the initial amount payable by you on any claim

Additional Excess 
In some instances an additional excess will apply to your claim. 

Unlisted Driver Excess 
If the car was driven by a driver who is not noted on the policy schedule (and who is not otherwise excluded) an additional Unlisted Driver Excess will apply.

Windscreen Excess 
The windscreen excess is the same as the basic excess unless you choose the option to reduce your excess for windscreen claims. 

One Excess 
If you have multiple policies with Youi and you lodge a claim for damage that occurs at the same place arising from the same single event, you will only be required to pay one excess

Yes. If you have this optional cover, we will pay for the fair and reasonable costs of repairs as determined by us. These repairs may be carried out by a repairer from outside our repair network.

When we agree to pay your claim, we also guarantee all repairs, provided we have chosen and authorised the repairer.

No, that’s our job. You just need to contact us with the details and we’ll take it from there.