Youi AutoGuru Voucher Promotion

1.Youi Pty Ltd (Youi) is offering an e-gift card (Voucher) from AutoGuru to customers who purchase a new Youi Car Insurance policy with Comprehensive cover level (the Youi Policy) and meet the Qualifying Criteria set out in these terms and conditions or any revisions made in accordance with paragraph 3 (“the Promotion”).

2.The Promotion commences on 26 November 2018 at 00:01 AEST and terminates on 22 March 2022 at 11:59pm AEST (the Promotion Period).  

3.Youi may amend the Promotion or these terms and conditions, or discontinue the Promotion at any time without notice.


Qualifying Criteria

4.          In order to qualify for a Voucher, you must fulfil and satisfy the:

     a.   Unique Promotion Code Obligation;

     b.   Policy Obligation; and

     c.   Payment Obligation; and

     d.   Period Obligation.

(together, the Qualifying Criteria)


Unique Promotion Obligation

5.     To participate in this Promotion, you must receive an email from AutoGuru Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 603 218 515) that contains a Unique Promotion Code.  


Policy Obligation

6.          Provision of the Voucher is conditional on you commencing a new Comprehensive Car quote for a Youi Policy during the Promotion Period, using the Unique Promotion Code when you start the new Comprehensive Car quote, and you taking out (purchasing) the new Youi Policy before the quote expires.  

7.          Youi Policy quotes are generally valid for a period of thirty (30) days from the day you commence the quotation, or otherwise as specified in the quotation document/s that are issued to you via email. 


Payment Obligation

8.          Provision of the Voucher is conditional on payment for the new Youi Policy in the Policy Obligation being received by Youi in cleared funds.

9.          For Policies that have a delayed start date (of up to 40 days after the date that the Policy is taken out), the Payment Obligation may be fulfilled outside of the Promotion Period.  


Period Obligation

10.        The quotation must be converted into a new Youi Policy and that Youi Policy will need to be active on the 60th day from the date of the original quotation.



11.        If you fulfil the Qualifying Criteria, AutoGuru will email you a e-gift card for AutoGuru with a value of $150 AUD.  

12.        The Unique Promotion code can only be used once, and as such, the Promotion is only available once per policy.    

13.        AutoGuru will email you the voucher approximately seven (7) days after you meet the Qualifying Criteria.


Cancelling Policy

14.       If you cancel the new Youi Policy after the Period Obligation is met, you will remain eligible for the Voucher providing the Qualifying Criteria was satisfied prior to cancellation. Cancellation fees apply as per Youi's Car PDS.


Other Terms

15.      This Promotion is valid for the Youi Policy underwritten and issued by Youi Pty Ltd. For the avoidance of doubt, the Promotion is not available in New Zealand or for Youi NZ Pty Limited products.

16.      Youi Policies are subject to our usual underwriting and pricing criteria and the relevant Product Disclosure Statement.

17.      The Promotion also subject to AutoGuru’s own Terms and Conditions. AutoGuru’s Terms and Conditions can be accessed at AutoGuru

18.      The Promotion is subject to Youi’s Privacy Policy and Website Terms of Use and cannot be used be used in conjunction with any other Youi offer or promotion.


© Youi Pty Ltd
Youi AutoGuru Promotion
Prepared 14 May 2021