You may call us on 1300 267 696 to update your policy.

When you try to login via an email address, there will be a “forgot password” link below the Login button, should you need to reset your password. Alternatively, you may log in via Facebook or Google.

Select the "link policy" tab and follow the prompts, starting by entering your Youi policy number. If you do not know your policy number, please call us on 1300 267 696.

Click the "Balance" tab in the app.

Accruing YouiDollars

Each time you make a payment, 50% of the monetary value will be credited to your account in YouiDollars one month after you have made the payment. YouiDollars will always be awarded in whole numbers, rounded in your favour. They will be available to spend one calendar month after the payment date. The following exceptions apply:

If you are a new customer

Once you sign up, half of YouiDollars, per policy, will be credited to your account up front.

If you pay the policy by one annual instalment

Your total payment will be divided by 12 and your Youi Dollars will be credited to your account on a monthly basis.

If you amend your policy and your payments increase, the additional YouiDollars will be credited to your account one month after the amended payment is made. If you amend your policy and receive a refund, the YouiDollars you earn at the end of that month will decrease also. You can always check your current balance via the “balance” tab.

You will accrue more YouiDollars each time you pay or renew your premium or taking out an additional policy.

Spending YouiDollars

Any YouiDollars that have been credited to your account and are not used within 18 months will expire.

YouiDollars will disappear once you've claimed an offer or if they have expired.

You can only spend YouiDollars within the Youi App, where you can purchase any of the great offers made available by our partners. Some of the partner offers may be in-store only and others may allow you to redeem online or in-store. Please read the offer details in full.

It's not possible to spend more YouiDollars than what have been credited to your account.

Treat yourself to any of the great offers that are available through our partners, ranging from food and entertainment to travel and hospitality.

There are two ways to redeem, depending on the offer.

  1. You accept an offer and present the voucher in-store or online
  2. You accept an offer and will be directed to our partner’s payment site to complete the transaction.

Usage & Cancelling

The app supports both iOs and Android.

Yes. The policy holder will receive an SMS pin during the policy linking process which they must enter to verify the policy. Once the policy has been linked to the app account, you can both log into the app on separate phones, but you must use the same login details.

Sure. If you change your mind, unexpired YouiDollars will be waiting for you when you return.

To access your YouiDollars you must have at least one active policy with us. For example, if you have three policies and you cancel two, you can still use any YouiDollars that have been credited to your account and any that may accrue on your active policy.