Youi Game Changers series, around the corner kicking

Around The Corner Kicking

Since 2008, Youi have been challenging the status quo in insurance. With insurance that makes fewer assumptions. And that could save you lots. Together with Vossy and the team at Fox Sports, we’re proud to bring you the Gamechangers in rugby league with a series featuring the players and the plays that have helped make the game what it is today. Now you can watch the 2nd in the Gamechangers series.

For 7 decades of rugby league, ‘toe-pokers’ took the kicks at goals. Names like Clive Churchill, Dave Brown and Mick Cronin placed the ball flat on a pile of sand and kicked it with the front of their foot. It was crude and not all together effective.

All of that changed in 1974 with the Gamechanger John Gray, who introduced us all to Around The Corner Kicking. Standing the ball upright and approaching it from an angle provided immediate results, and soon toe-pokers were relegated to the history reels.

For the past 30 years, we’ve seen many masters of the art. Names like Darryl Halligan, Jason Taylor and Hazeem El Masri rewrote the record books with their round-the-corner kicking styles.